Youth Information and Resource Centre

In line with our vision of reaching out to the community, Here's life has continued to enrich its Resource Center through provision of IT skills to the local youths. We are optimistic that this will go along away in transforming the youths around our area of operation.
Currently HERE IS LIFE has established a youth friendly Christian Information & Resource Center

With the overall objective to build the capacity of young people in Christ within Nairobi to be able to respond to the challenges of unemployment, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues effectively. The Center host a haven of community outreach and onsite activities.

The Resource Center consists of;

  • A Cyber Café connected with internet enabling the youths to access diverse information from the World Wide Web.
  • Library stocked with local newspapers and Christian magazines for reference on health issues affecting the youth.
  • DVD’s /Videos on HIV/AIDS, positive Christian living, Reproductive Health, Hygiene and Sexually Transmitted Infections,
  • Human Rights are kept for use in the Center's Administrative Offices used for all administrative matters like safe custody of center records, financial records and other sensitive documents for the organization.
  • Board Room used during capacity building activities to its members and partners; the room holds a minimum of 10 youth with enough space for PowerPoint presentation at any given activity and also serves as a meeting place for groups that have no physical offices. Consultancy Services for groups