Widows Empowerment

Our efforts are geared towards providing lasting solutions to curb hunger and poverty once and for all. Widows living in abject poverty are equipped with life skills and knowledge in income-generating activities.

Here’s Life C.B.O. partners with the local community to bring women together and help them start income generating projects for self-sustainability. Most widows have endured scourging poverty, they have depended for years on handouts from able community members and leaders some going to an extend of begging on the streets. They lived and waited for someone somewhere to come and help them with a dream that never came to be.

We as Here’s Life C.B.O. have come to bridge in the gap; to help them change their mindset and equip them with the necessary skills and training geared towards empowering them to be able to change their stories.

The widows have discovered that they are the people; there is a problem – and they are the solution. What they needed was a paradigm shift, and we have been able to facilitate this paradigm shift of mind through teachings and seminars.

It’s then that we started a micro-finance program from some hard-earned coins, and for the last two months we have got support from Brethren in the USA and it’s with those coins that they have been able to start several projects, which earn them some money and provide food to their families. This has happened without any external funds and only through group and personal initiatives.

With small parcels of land and using roadsides reserves they are adopting small-scale farming, growing papaya (pawpaw) trees, tomatoes, kale (sukuma wiki) and arrowroot. Some have been able to start grocery shops and roadside food stalls.

Many of them come from sprawling slums in Nairobi. Several of them are living with HIV/AIDS, and many are widows, yet they have overcome all odds to tenaciously fight poverty.

If widows living in abject poverty are equipped with skills and can access funds to start income-generating activities, handouts will be a thing of the past.

Boy Child

No matter who they are or where they come from, Here’s Life Community Based Organization helps children whenever they need us. Thousands of children across the slums have survived, gone to school and been protected because of the effort of the organization. Francis Waithaka is one of these children.

When Francis Waithaka was 6 Years both parents passed on to AIDs related illness. He was left alone with her grandmother who has no source of income. Letter on Francis was left on street though he was only a young boy.