Most children who are infected and affected by HIV and AIDS yet live in the Slums are faced with constant hunger. They are also vulnerable to numerous infections due to their feeding tendencies. Here is life with conjunction with Kenya church of Christ will offer care and support services to 450 vulnerable children (OVCs) and orphans with high quality care, Christian counseling and other support services for HIV positive children with their families. In this programme we also offer HIV prevention intervention, which is done by initiating youth behavior change projects and having a prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT). The high rate of HIV continues to put pressure on the already stretched health facilities in Kenya. The current ART enrollment in the district hospital indicates that majority of clients enrolled in ART are adults over 25yrs with very few youths taking-up VCT. Over 50% of the Kenyan population is made up of the youth with a large number engaging in high risk behaviors, who after contacting the deadly disease they seek refuge in the church, hence stretching the church resources. Reports from HERE IS LIFE base line interviews indicated a major gap in the availability of quality youth friendly services as a key contributing factor hindering accessibility to prevention, care , treatment and support services for youth people in Mathare and other regions of Kenya. HIV project aims at mobilizing youth as key partners in the fight against AIDS by promoting prevention and behavior change greater access to ART programs.

Goal – Reduction of HIV/ STI infection among youths.

Reach out to the community with the word of God to embrace positive moral values.
Improve capacity of service providers to deliver youth friendly care and support services
Increase access to youth friendly services (mainly, VCT, ART, RH, FP, counseling and referral)
Increase the number of youth engaged in meaningful livelihood

Youth Activities

Mobile VCT services to reach marginalized youth
Capacity building skill transfer training e.g., on peer educators. behavior change, referral and support of youth
Psychosocial support for HIV + youth
Leadership and Entrepreneurship training
Recreational and sporting events
To evangelize to the youths to live a positive Christian living.