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All activities are initiated and implemented by Here’ Life Initiative in Kenya, who are in direct contact with the targeted women and give them professional training in the cultural environment on-site.

List of services provided by the program

  1. The “Empowering Young Women and Girls” Project- This project aims to provide about 200 young women and girls from low income communities in Njiru and Mathare in Nairobi County in Kenya with education and starting capital to help them improve their lives
  2. Integrated Empowerment of the Young Women and the Community- This project aims at
    providing the women and surrounding women (partner, family, community) with trainings that
    empower them for their daily life and their future, such as family planning and personal hygiene.
  3. Economic Educations for women- Depending on their talents, experiences and professional goals the women are clustered into groups for individual training on, e.g. bead making, agriculture, saloon work or tailoring. They are assisted to develop their own project ideas and raise their own startups. To get started they get the needed starting material, e.g. beads, plates, tailoring machines and cloth. Through this they are able to secure basic income that makes them financially independent in the long term.
  4. Soap Making project- This project aims at training women in soap making. About 20 women from Njiru have started a soap making project, in which they produce multi-purpose soap for their own use as well as for sale. The soap is filled in empty water bottles that are sold for about 100 KES (1 Euro) each.
  5. Kitchen Gardening Cultivating Food to Secure Nutrition and Generate Income-In an agriculture project- This project aims at providing women from several low income areas in Matahre and Njiru with fields near their residence. They are trained on how to cultivate vegetables, maize and fruits. The products secure nutrition for themselves and their children and they can also sell the products on the market to have a source of income From all these projects, women benefit from sharing experiences with  ach other, get motivated to strive for their goals together and strengthens their self-confidence and the team spirit.

Every Gift to Here’s Life Makes a Difference
Here’s Life has significant comparative advantage. Here’s Life shapes international policies and budgets, and builds local capacity for women’s health and human rights. We leverage our work in these two
critically linked worlds to take action and to start thinking, redirect funding, and motivate action by people and institutions that can secure rights and health for women and girls both locally and internationally.

“Many people around the world who could have contributed towards positive change initiated by social response believe that making a donation to charitable work undertaken by a Community Based
Organization like Here’s Life , which will bring about social change in Urban and rural areas, is reserved for big companies and very rich person found around the world. Our high proportion of general support
funds allow us to respond quickly when opportunities or threats arise-a quality that has made us highly effective in bridging the two worlds of women’s health and rights organizations, and large policy and
funding institutions.

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